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Sandy DeLuca is an American writer and visual artist, born in Providence, Rhode Island. Her paintings are lyrical, colorful and spiritual; moving from the abstract to offbeat Pop Surrealism.

She penned several chants published in Silver Ravenwolf's book TO STIR A MAGYCK CAULDRON (pen name Autumn Raindancer).

As an author she is known for dark and surreal prose; often visceral and shocking. She is best known for her work in the horror genre. However, she has written noir fiction, fantasy and mainstream fiction as well.

She edited and owned a small press magazine entitled GODDESS OF THE BAY from 1998 through 2001, also producing anthologies and collections. In 2003 she operated another publishing company, DECEMBER GIRL, an imprint of DELIRIUM BOOKS. Once again in 2015 she founded MIDNIGHT TOWN MEDIA, focusing on publishing her out of print fiction and compiling books which reference her extensive career in the visual arts. (p) Although she drew since she was a child, she began painting in 1985, and had her first solo art show in 1986 at the Community College of Rhode Island, while still a student. Each painting was accompanied by prose written on a card; pieces of the story she told with her paintings. Since then her paintings have been exhibited widely. In addition, her artwork has been featured as cover art and interior art for various publications, most notably the poetry chapbook, VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES AND WANTON SOULS, with poetry by Marge Simon; with Simon receiving the Bram Stoker award for poetry in 2013. Her own poetry book, BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS, also contains her cover art and interior art, and it was nominated for the Bram Stoker for Poetry award in 2000. The poetry collaboration, DANGEROUS DREAMS, with Marge Simon, was nominated for the Bram Stoker award for 2013. (p) She has authored novels such as DESCENT, SETTLING IN NAZARETH, FROM ASHES & MANHATTEN GRIMOIRE. She also penned novellas and short stories. As of 2011 she left a corporate job she held for many years and began to write and paint full time.



BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS (Poetry), 2000, Thievin' Kitty Publications (Nominated for the Bram Stoker for Poetry award and the Rhysling Award)

PATHS OF DESTINY (Selected poetry and short stories), 2001, Double Dragon Books

DANGEROUS DREAMS, with Marge Simon (Poetry), 2013, Electrik Milkbath Press (Nominated for the Bram Stoker for Poetry award and the Elgin Award)


DESCENT, 2005, Delirium Books

MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE, 2007, Delirium Books (p) FROM ASHES, 2008, Delirium Books (p) NOVELLAS

DARKNESS CONJURED, 2010, Delirium Books

REIGN OF BLOOD, 2011, Delirum Books

INTO THE RED, 2011, Damnation Books


HELL'S DOOR, 2013, DarkFuse


PAINTING THE THIRD FATE, 2005, Sam's Dot Publishing

THE MAD HATTERY (with Marge Simon's poetry), 2012, Electrick Milkbath Press

VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES & WANTON SOULS (With Marge Simon's poetry), 2012, Electrik Milkbath Press

Apparitions: Thirty Years of Strange Art, 2015, Midnight Town Media

Ethereal Beings, 2015, Midnight Town Media

Naughty Ladies (With Marge Simon's poetry), 2015, Eldritch Press

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