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DARKNESS CONJURED is still available at the HORROR MALL site. Only a handful remaining. However, the digital edition is available at DARKSIDE DIGITAL

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SETTLING IN NAZARTH is out of print...

"With Settling in Nazareth, Sandy DeLuca has written a novel that is every bit as dark and unsettling as a David Lynch film. Emplying the language of modern mystery and blending it with the beauty and intimacy of a poet, DeLuca has conjured a world where the dead guide loved ones, dreams are spiritual road signs, and the living try to make sense of it all through the use of ancient magicks. A unique and captivating page-turner." -- Kurt Newton, author of The House Spider, Dark Demons, and The Psycho Hunter's Case Book

"Haunting and wildly original, Sandy DeLuca's Settling in Nazareth is a welcome change of pace from the usual cookie cutter versions of dark fiction out there, and a novel you will not soon forget. It is Jim Thompson's The Grifters meets James Leo Herlihy's Season of the Witch, and the result is a unique and seamless marriage of crime grit, tough female cool, and a more lyrical view of the darker regions of the human experience . . . Not to be missed." -- Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season and Heretics

"Sandy DeLuca’s Descent is an intelligent, wonderfully written, highly original tale that lures the reader deep into a labyrinth of nightmare landscapes and horrors that haunt the body, mind, and ultimately the soul.”

—Greg F. Gifune, author of Heretics, The Bleeding Season, and Deep Night

“A fever dream of a novel, FROM ASHES is a horrifying and surreal nightmare that could only be conjured in the exquisitely twisted mind of Sandy DeLuca. With a unique vision and a voice all her own, Sandy has woven another unforgettable tale to rival her previous novels DESCENT, MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE and SETTLING IN NAZARETH. Skillfully written, intelligent, and profoundly disturbing, FROM ASHES will leave you reeling. If you thought you were afraid of hospitals before, just wait. Do not miss this.”

Greg F. Gifune, author of THE BLEEDING SEASON

"Is anyone in the genre still writing for adults? In these dark days of vampire romances and zombie extravaganzas, few authors follow in the disciplined footsteps of masters like Shirley Jackson or Henry James, of Algernon Blackwood or Oliver Onions. Few “writers” even recognize the names. A delightful exception is Sandy DeLuca. Her works are steeped in a darkness in which poetry echoes. (So do screams.) DeLuca offers chills and pleasures that are no mere matter of gore or genre tropes but that satisfy in the way that all real literature satisfies, in the way all true art satisfies, by challenging and touching us … by changing us."

—Robert Dunbar, author of THE SHORE

A favorite description from a seller on EBAY regarding DESCENT: "This is title 5 from the amazing Delirium Press Exclusive series (Delirium X Series). Descent is a tough and unflinching book that dares to shine a light into the difficult places horror usually does not dwell upon. The book is in fantastic condition -- almost new. The binding is clean ant tight, the text clear and readable. It has been handled gently and has been kept out of the sun. The cover art by Mike Bohatch is evocative of the novel and remains in perfect condition having been protected by mylar. What makes this Delirium X title totally unique is the remarque at the back done by the Author, Sandy Deluca! This is a powerful and unique addition to your collection. In addition, I will include tpb copies of Ms. Deluca's other Delirium Press titles (Manhattan Grimoire, and the rather poetic Settling In Nazareth)."


Sandy DeLuca

Sandy DeLuca--artist--author
Ordering info for FROM ASHES, MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE & DESCENT here (DESCENT & MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE also available at Amazon.Com):

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