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TEA PARTY VAMP--Designer papers and acrylic paint on canvas--11 x14 inches

NEW HAT--(markers, ink and acrylic on canvas)--11 x 14 inches

LOVECRAFT'S WIFE--(markers, ink, watercolor and acrylic) 11 x 14 inches

AMERLIA (acrylic, wrapping paper, scrap greeting cards on canvas) 16 x 20 inches

A FAREWELL, (found objects and acrylic painting on canvas) (illustration from VAMPIRES ZOMBIES & WANTON SOULS) 11 x 14 inches, FLOWER POWER 11 x 14 inches (found objects and acrylic paint on canvas), SIGHT (currently on exhibit at Gallery Q--11 x 14 inches) (fabric and acrylic paint on canvas).

VOODOO ALIEN (acrylic on canvas with fabric and found objects on canvas), PEAR SALAD (acrylic with found objects on canvas)MEDUSA PREPARES SUPPER IN HER HAIR (acrylic with found objects on canvas) All of theses pieces are 18 x 24 inches

VISITORS 12 x 16 inches (markers, ink, watercolor and acrylic on canvas) & A GOTH GIRL 11 x 10 inches (acrylics with found objects. now in a private collection in Italy)

ANGEL CITY (acrylic painting with found objects 18 x24 inches) part of a tryptich