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Sandy DeLuca

My novel MIDNIGHT TOWN should be available nearing 2018. Check my Amazon page--link below-- for A BOX FULL OF DARKNESS:TWO STORIES FROM MIDNIGHT TOWN. There, you can find introductions to two characters featured in the novel. I am also on the final rewrite of my novel SWTICHBLADE--a different kind of zombie story.

Several of my out-of-print books are available again. Thank you, CROSSROAD PRESS.


"Haunting and wildly original, Sandy DeLuca's Settling in Nazareth is a welcome change of pace from the usual cookie cutter versions of dark fiction out there, and a novel you will not soon forget. It is Jim Thompson's The Grifters meets James Leo Herlihy's Season of the Witch, and the result is a unique and seamless marriage of crime grit, tough female cool, and a more lyrical view of the darker regions of the human experience . . . Not to be missed." -- Greg F. Gifune, author of The Bleeding Season and Heretics

Ruby is a loner, skilled with sleight of hand and an uncanny sixth sense. Her companion is a mystical feline named Matty. Johnny, her dead lover, is also by her side—gifting her with cryptic messages and prophetic dreams. He’s been on the road with her for years—even when she leaves Boston with stolen money and a van crammed with magical paraphernalia. Her plan is to go to Atlantic City, meet a somewhat shady connection and lay low from cops who might be on her trail. But, when she arrives in Nazareth, she falls in love with the beach town and a man named Michael Elmira. Together, they worship strange gods, partaking in unusual rituals. There are stranger beings in Nazareth—and it isn’t long before she encounters its mysteries and the specters that exist there. And a serial killer is on the loose, moving silently through Ruby’s beloved city, taking lives without warning. Before long, her friends begin to die. Will she survive Nazareth’s secrets, or will she become a maddened predator’s next victim?


“A fever dream of a novel, FROM ASHES is a horrifying and surreal nightmare that could only be conjured in the exquisitely twisted mind of Sandy DeLuca. With a unique vision and a voice all her own, Sandy has woven another unforgettable tale to rival her previous novels DESCENT, MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE and SETTLING IN NAZARETH. Skillfully written, intelligent, and profoundly disturbing, FROM ASHES will leave you reeling. If you thought you were afraid of hospitals before, just wait. Do not miss this.” Greg F. Gifune, author of THE BLEEDING SEASON

Angie's battle with cancer is over, but her confrontation with evil has just begun. Memories of a woman, named Mariella Lewis, who lived and died years ago, begin to haunt to her. The two women have a dark and unsettling connection within the haunted halls and rooms of Stone County Hospital. Nurses there are not of this world and patients are trapped in eternal agony. Rituals to an ancient Goddess named Cerridwen take place within the hospital's crumbling walls. Gradually Mariella's thoughts and deeds become stronger and a forgotten incident from Angie's childhood intertwines with mounting terror. Cerridwen has brought Angie and Mariella together. Cerridwen never forgets words whispered in innocence, or blood offerings she has received. She comes to claim Angie. Demons join the dark Goddess in her quest to possess yet another soul. Angie's battle within the walls of Stone Country hospital have just begun and her suffering may be eternal…


"No one delivers the modern horror novel quite the way Sandy DeLuca does. Intelligent, mature and darkly poetic, MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE stylishly fuses depth and literary sensibilities with the stuff of surreal nightmares and the gritty, thrilling elements of noir. The result is a bloody, haunting canvas that solidifies Sandy DeLuca’s position as one of the best up-and-coming authors of dark fiction out there. Hungry for something better than standard horror fare? Here it is. Eat up." —Greg F. Gifune, author, DOMINION, DEEP NIGHT, THE BLEEDING SEASON

A crippling blizzard. Grisly discoveries in an old church in Harlem. A small apartment building cut off by the mounting storm, its tenants trapped with a vicious killer that may or may not be human. And an unholy manuscript stolen from a dead sorcerer that could very well hold the secrets to opening the gates of Hell. Gina has seen strange visions since childhood. Her mother was considered insane for having the same affliction, and before her disappearance, Gina's sister Allie was obsessed with black magic and "saw" things too. It eventually led her to a depraved conjurer known as Mojo DeCanne, a man who possessed a book of demonic spells Allie stole and hid in Gina's apartment in the days before she vanished. Now, as Manhattan braces for the worst snowstorm in decades, and Gina's visions become worse, blurring the lines between nightmare and reality, Mojo DeCanne has come looking for what is his. In order to solve the mystery of her sister's disappearance and the meaning behind her own shattered life, Gina must first survive the night and somehow stop an unimaginable evil from fulfilling its horrific destiny. Darkness falls on Manhattan. The blizzard grows worse. And the lights go out.


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