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2 column style


My paintings are influenced by my own distinct world. Always changing. Sometimes bright splashes of color, without shape, fill my canvases. Other times figures emerge, eccentric women, with large eyes and fingernails painted black. Some occupy strange landscapes. Some are inspired by the fiction and poetry I write. Others are born from pop culture, politics and mystical studies. My work is a visual journal filled with experiences, imaginings and feelings. I am influenced by many artistic movements as well as artists whom I've met and admired. At times I study these influences and experiment. I study technique, style and I often create small canvases, trying to see what others have seen and felt. Painting after painting--one after the other. Night after night this goes on and always fragments of my own vision break through. At times I write the words I need to write, straining to perfect technique and cursing because I'm not perfect. What I see and feel must be expressed in my own way. So in the end I take what I've learned and go back inside myself. This where I am most comfortable. This place tells me nothing is perfect. My art isn't always pretty. Neither is life. Often the mainstream ignores what I have to say. The layers of understanding that must be peeled away. The pain that one must endure. It doesn't matter anymore. I create what I feel. I do what I do to please myself. I do it to survive. Sandy DeLuca

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